My routine for keeping my curls popping is to add human hair and a small amount of leave in conditioner a few times a week. I also co wash it every few weeks. The lace wigs uk are very thick at the deft and full. You get alot of hair per bundle. You most like will have hair left over, which human hair wigs uk use it later. The closure is a nice blend as well. The wig has a good amount of remy hair for parting. I did the burn test and immediately it smelled like burnt hair, I highly recommend.

Monument 80x55 cm.

Priseksempel: kr. 9900,-

kr. 9900,-
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Plænesten 60x40 cm.

Priseksempel: kr. 4400,-

kr. 4400,-
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Urnesten 60x40 cm.

Priseksempel: kr. 4000,-

kr. 4400,-

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Kistesten 70x50 cm.

Priseksempel: kr. 6600,-

kr. 7000,-

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